Thursday, September 01, 2016

Flowers of the Field

I'm afraid my intentions of blogging more regularly this year have been scuppered by circumstances. I've been doing some temporary work on and off this year with a view to getting back into the workplace and with two busy children I'm afraid that blogging has been pushed to the end of the jobs list but as I have several things to share with you, I hope I will be popping in a bit more regularly from here on in.

The first thing I have to share is the finished Flowers of the Field sampler by Eileen Bennett of The Sampler House.  The charts were published in Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly Vols 32 - 34.  I used a piece of 36 count Silkweaver Linen and the called for DMC apart from the metallic, I substituted Kreinik from my stash.



If you want to catch up with what I'm up to in between the blog posts I can be found most  regularly on Twitter and Instagram where you are welcome to connect with me (if you haven't already)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Stitching Update

It's been a while since I shared my progress on my stitching projects.  Progress is still somewhat slow but I recently invested in a new toy to help.  My eyes have been struggling with the stitching on 40 count on Dorothy Walpole, I suspect that I need new glasses but for the time being a magnifier is helping a lot!

Steadily working my way through the bargello


One project that is getting close to a finish is 'Flowers of the Field' by The Sampler House (Eileen Bennett)


I also started a new small project - 'My Love I do give thee' an old free pattern by Barrick Samplers. I should point out that the couple do not look quite so much like members of the undead in person!


I'm very fortunate this year that I am getting to take a class with Jackie Du Plessis of 'It's Fine-ally Finished' when she's teaching in the UK in October.  The class I'm taking is 'September Morning' as you can see the kit got a lot of attention when it arrived..


I'm loving the delicate vintage look of the design that I have done so far.


Monday, May 02, 2016

Honey Bee Sweater

Sorry for disappearing for so long, I hadn't planned on it but you know 'life'

While I was on my break I finished knitting Rosie's Honey Bee Sweater.  This is a design by Dani Sunshine from Eden Cottage Yarn's Drift Collection.  I knit this in the recommended Whitfell DK in the colour way Misty Woods.  Whitfell DK is a baby alpaca yarn and was a dream to knit with.

Rosie was very pleased with her new sweater and spent a good while bouncing around the room going 'I love, love, love my new sweater!'  

A close up of the yoke detail (the colour is more accurate in the other pictures) 

Now I have to knit another one for Christopher, he has chosen the Charcoal colour for his version.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dorothy Walpole

Just a quick post to show you where I got to with Dorothy at the end of the last rotation slot.  As you can see I have more of the border done and made a start on the bargello.



Sunday, February 14, 2016

Take a Lovely Sampler

Last time that I shared my progress on Forget Me Nots in Stitches 'Take a Lovely Sampler' I had just finished the top of the pincushion. Since then I have also finished the bottom.


The final piece of this set is the reticule. If any of you are familiar with Lauren's designs you will know that some of them involve a huge amount of stitching, this is definitely the case with this one.  I have got the reticule outlined and at the moment I am filling in the textured background.  Unfortunately this doesn't make for particularly exciting photos.  


I took this class with Lauren back in 2006 (ahem!) so I am hoping that I can get the stitching finished this year.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Makers Year - January Round Up

I had been contemplating coming up with some kind of creativity project/challenge for 2016 so when Kate of A Playful Day came up with her 'The Makers Year' project it was pretty much along the lines I was already thinking so I decided to join in.  I'm mostly participating over on Instagram but I thought I would do a round up over here of what I've been up to that I haven't blogged about yet.

One of the creative things that I want to do is to include the children more. They both love baking but with school and the activities they are involved in means we don't bake together much any more so making some time for this is important to me.


Making Banana Loaf

Rosie is also keen to develop her crafting, she got a sewing machine for Christmas so we have been making the Gathered Skirt for All Ages (from the Purl Soho blog) together.


Also involves learning to use the iron

As I mentioned on the post about Manu, my new project is for Rosie. It's the Honey Bee Sweater from Eden Cottage Yarns Drift Collection and it is growing very nicely.


I also have a new pair of socks on the needles. I've cast on the Expresso socks by Louise Tilbrook, the yarn is Gaspode, one of the Discworld colours by the Knitting Goddess.  These are the first toe up socks I've knit for several years and are also growing nicely.


Another thing I am trying to do this year is try some new recipes from my cooking book library. This month I tried Multi-Vegetable Paella from 'Plenty' by Yotam Ottolengi.


And Lentil and Sweet Potato Pie from 'A Modern Way to Eat' by Anna Jones


Both where delicious!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dorothy Walpole Update

I hadn't realised just how long it has been since I last shared my progress on Dorothy Walpole.  But I have finally finished the flame stitch band that I had just started on my last update.


Dorothy Walpole copyright The Scarlett Letter 2011

I opted to stitch this band in rice stitch rather than the charted eyelets following a suggestion on the Dorothy Walpole SAL group on Facebook.


Dorothy Walpole copyright The Scarlett Letter 2011

Dorothy unwound from the scrolls, I'm approaching the halfway point!