Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Finish!

For February I have moved onto stitching some of my 'small' projects alongside my focus wip 'One Moment in Time'.  The first project I picked up was the ornament that Rosalin has chosen for last year.  I didn't have a lot left to do, just the border to finish and the back stitching so a couple of evening's stitching and it was finished.


Spool Tree by Sue Hillis Designs, from the 2007 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition.  Stitched on white evenweave using the recommended DMC.

After I finished 'Spool Tree'  I picked up a small Just Nan design that I had started at a get together with friends last year, Bee Hive Violets and got a few stitches in.


On the knitting front I was back to working on the front of Rosalin's Hoodie, getting close to finishing this piece.


There was also a little stash acquisition,  I succumbed to the last Eden Cottage Yarn update and purchased a skein of  Tempo 4ply in Purple Rain and some mini skeins of Nateby 4ply.


As you can see someone else has designs on my new yarn!


Reading - I was reminded by Rosalin, that I had JK Rowling's Tales of Beedle the Bard on my TBR.  Rosalin is currently thoroughly obsessed with all things Harry Potter so I had to get a move on and get it read so she could have it.


I also had a Waterstone's stamp card burning a hole in my pocket so I succumbed to these two:  Take Courage is a biography of Anne Bronte,  I heard an interview with the author on the Tea and Tattle podcast and have had the book on my wishlist ever since.  The Pat Barker is the last book of the 'Regeneration' trilogy and I already have the other two books on my TBR. 


Sunday, February 04, 2018

Progress w/e 28th Jan

Last week I worked some more on 'One Moment in Time' by Jackie du Plessis.  This week I got to do some more interesting stitching,  working on the flowers on the pocket.


Knitting wise it was more progress on my Citron Grand by The Yarniad, I'm now onto the third pattern repeat. The yarn is Blue Faced Leicester and Silk dyed by Wharfdale Woolworks for Baa Ram Eye.


However a certain someone had other plans when I tried to sit down with my knitting! 



Sunday, January 28, 2018

Christmas 2017

Before I get onto how we spent our Christmas Holidays here is my progress on last weeks projects:

Stitching - I worked on my Scottish Sampler 1757 from the Goodhart Sampler book by Needleprint, I was working on this one over Christmas and decided that I would keep on with it until I get to the end of this alphabet.


Knitting - I got back to the Hoodie I started knitting for Rosalin last year.  She choose the yarn and pattern last Easter holidays so I need to get this finished before she grows out of it.  This is knit from a King Cole pattern (I will try and get the number for my next update) and the yarn is the called for King Cole Riot.  I can't say I'm particularly enjoying knitting with this yarn, it's a bit too plasticy for my tastes but it's what she wanted.  I have knit the back and am about to start dividing for the neck on the front.


Reading - I have finished 'One by One in the Darkness' by Deirdre Madden. I read this for Leeds Book Club, it's very much a book of it's time, written just after the Good Friday Agreement it tells the story of three sisters from Northern Ireland and the impact of the Troubles on their lives.


Our Christmas Holiday's where spent visiting my sister in New Zealand. We had a fantastic time hanging out with her and her husband and we did a road trip from Wellington to Auckland.  Unfortunately I don't have time to share many photo's on here but if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will have seen them already.  A couple of particular highlights were that we visited Hobbiton on our last day which was just utterly awesome!


And we got to see an actual kiwi, it was having a health check at Rainbow Springs wildlife park.


Most exciting was that I got to meet up with a couple of long term stitching friends Katrina and Kath.  Kath and I were too busy chatting to remember to take a picture but Katrina did :) It was so wonderful to meet them both after being online friends since the days of the stitching BB's.


And of course some stash was acquired!


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Talisman Shawl

I finished off 2017 casting off my latest shawl, the Talisman Shawl by Helen Stewart from the first volume of the Shawl Society.  This is knit in Five Moons Luna Plus 4ply in the Daughter of the Sea colourway.


No pictures of me wearing it I'm afraid as I  have a stinking cold and there is no way I'm getting in front of a camera!

Last week I stitched on a Jackie du Plessis, It's Fine-ally Finished online class that I am taking through the Shining Needle Society.  The class is 'One Moment in Time'  I started back in October but cream backstitch on cream linen does not make for interesting stitching.  However I'm on some of the pattern stitching on one of the pockets at the moment.  The photo show's the pocket in front of one of the sides.


My latest shawl cast in is Citron Grand by The Yarniad, I'm knitting it in some Bluefaced Leicester and Silk dyed by Wharfdale Woolworks for Baa Ram Eye that I have had in my stash for some time.


I'm trying hard to make sure that I have time for reading in my new work routine, last week I was deep in the world of Stephanie Plum which helped no end with the midwinter blah's.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

2017 Knitting Finishes

As always I had hoped  to post again a bit sooner than this, however there have been a big change in my life - a new job that means that my time is even more squeezed than it was before!  So this will be my last post for 2017 and as I haven't shared anything here are all my knitting finishes for the year.

It's been a very productive knitting year, I've finished four shawls, two pairs of socks and several blanket squares.

First the shawls, three of them are designs by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade.  The first finish was the Snowmelt Mystery Knit Along that Helen hosted around the start of the year.



I used Kettle Yarn Co Islington 4ply in  the Blighty, Siren Call and l'Heure bleue colourways.

The next one finished was the Whispering Island shawl. I had a quantity of Rowanspun DK in deep stash that wasn't enough for a sweater but more than the pattern called for so I knit a couple of extra pattern repeats to use the yarn up.  The result is a lovely large shawl to wrap myself up in.

The final design of Helen's that I knit was the Spindrift Shawl, she offers this design as a free online class through her website.  I knit this in Shingle Oak Sock in the Pansy colourway from Yarn Garden.


After I finished Whispering Island I felt that I needed to knit a shawl by a different designer so I cast on a Fuss Free Festival Shawl by Louise Tilbrook in a skein of Old Maiden Aunt sock yarn in the K1 colourway.


The socks were both knit in Discworld inspired colourways from The Knitting Goddess using my regular plain vanilla sock pattern, the first are in Salamander Flash from the 2016 Back to the Discworld yarn club.


And Mathematical Camel Spit, I don't have a photo of the finished socks but here is a progress shot that will give you an idea of the colour


I also knit some blanket squares for a communal blanket project that was a wedding gift for a mutual friend. All yarn was left over 4ply from my stash and the pattern is the Barn Raising Quilt Square.


There you have it a wrap up of my 2017 knitting.  I'm hoping to get back soon in the New Year with my goals for the year but in the meantime I hope you all have had a good Christmas (if you celebrate it) and I wish you all a happy and peaceful New Year.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Some Finishes

I'm really sorry about being absent from this space for so long,  it wasn't planned (writing a blog update has regularly been on my to-do list for months!) but life has proved to be rather on the busy side for most of this year.  

However busy I have been making time for crafting has been a priority and I'm hoping that I can share some of what I've been up to over the next few weeks.

First I actually have some stitching finishes!

Strictly this first one is a 'finishing' finish as I completed the stitching back in 2014 and since then I have been plugging away at the finishing.  


  Danish White Work Portfolio by CA Wells

I took this class through Hanging by a Thread in London back in 2005.  The stitching and finishing on this one where somewhat on the challenging side as the instructions that CA provided were on the distinctly sketchy side but fortunately I'd already put enough of CA's designs together that I could muddle through to completion. 

One of my goals for this year was to have more finishes than last year when I managed a sum total of three.  To help with this I joined in with a couple of challenges on the 'All about Smalls' group on Facebook.

For the Spring Challenge I opted to stitch the Violet Needle roll by Shepherds Bush

And for the Summer Challenge I went for another CA Well's piece - Mermaid Companion


Both kits have been in my stash for far too long so I am very glad to have got them done!

My final finish is the 'small' project from my rotation - My Love I give thee by Barrick Sampler


This was a free design that I have had in my stash for a very long time, it was charted for DMC but I substituted assorted over dyed cottons from my stash.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Simmer Dim Finish

I am delighted to say I have my first knitting finish of 2017 - Rosie's Simmer Dim.


As you can see she is absolutely delighted with it!  Simmer Dim is by Gudrun Johnston, The Shetland Trader and knit in Eden Cottage Yarns Harewood 4ply in Perwinkle(Dark) that Rosie chose at Yarndale last year.  I loved knitting this pattern and it's very likely that I will knit one for myself in the not too distant future.

I have also made some progress on my Whispering Island Shawl by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade.


Close up of the pattern.  Knit in Rowanspun DK from deepest stash.

There was also a couple of yarn purchases in January.   I bought the yarn for my next cardigan project, I'm planning to knit the Scollay by Karie Westerman in Blacker Yarns Lyonesse.


I also decided that I would join in the Snowmelt mystery knit along by Helen of Curious Handmade.  After much deliberation I decided to use Islington by Kettle Yarn Co in Blighty, Siren Call and l'Heure bleue.